How many people needed for steering ?

Ein alter Artikel aus dem Guardian (2002):

The BBC had a rowing competition with the Japanese and lost,“ begins an anecdote that Benn likes to tell and audiences love to hear. „So John Birt set up a working party to try and find out why. They found that while the Japanese had eight people rowing and one steering, the BBC had one rowing and eight steering. The working party decided to employ consultants to devise a solution. They decided that what the BBC really needed was three steering managers, three deputy steering managers and a director of steering services. The rower, meanwhile, should be made to row harder. When they faced the Japanese and lost again, the director of steering services decided to sack the rower, sell the boat and give himself a pay rise.

gefunden bei (Dank an für die Inspiration)

Irgendwie passt das doch zur Politik hier und anderswo …

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